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50 Reasons to use a Buyers Agent

Most buyers start their home search on the internet and with thousands of resources , you may be considering buying a home without using the services of a professional real estate agent.  You might want to reconsider after you read these 50 services that an agent would typically perform on your behalf!  Remember, agents don’t get paid until the home purchase is complete.   An agent’s job is to do the best he or she can to help you get through the home buying process as smoothly as possible.

1. Analyze your real estate needs and determine housing criteria

2. Research properties based on your criteria

3. Send you listings that match your needs

4. Provide information pertaining to your move or relocation and short-term stay options

5. Educate you about home buying processes

6. Provide information on market conditions, schools, communities, employment, etc.

7. Discuss your financing needs

8. Recommend qualified mortgage brokers

9. Make appointments and show you properties

10. Provide timely and professional disclosure and research

11. Review with you the pros & cons of each property

12. Point out “Hot Buttons” while showing

13. Help with loan application questions

14. Follow-up loan application with your selected mortgage broker

15. Help with credit repair if needed

16. Analyze purchasing timeline and needs once property is located

17. Provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of a property in order to help you make an educated offer

18. Call listing agent to get sellers disclosure

19. Draft the offer and prepare paperwork

20. Research tax records

21. Get information on utilities

22. Explain all paperwork before signing

23. Generate net sheet

24. Write offer, collect earnest money deposit and provide verification to listing agent

25. Submit contract and follow up

26. Negotiate contract until mutually agreeable

27.Deposit earnest money deposit

28. Review and explain final contract

29. Send the title company the ratified contract

30. Schedule and attend the home inspection and termite inspection

31. Recommend insurance agents to you

32. Verify that loan process has begun

33. Review home inspection findings with you

34. Re-negotiate repairs if needed

35. Order survey / appraisal if necessary

36. Assist to meet finance deadline

37. Monitor contingencies, financing, home inspection, appraisal etc.

38. Check on homeowners insurance

39. Verify that the title agency has all necessary documents

40. Follow up with the lender on all aspects of closing process

41. Schedule closing: time and place

42. Review HUD (closing statement)

43. Perform a final walk-through

44. Determine the funds to be brought to closing

45. Coordinate between lenders and title company to determine amount needed

46. Release escrow to title company

47. Explain everything needed at closing

48. Attend your closing

49. Recommend contractors if there is a need for renovation and remodeling of home

50. Follow up to insure that everything is going fine in your new home!

I can help you get the best deal and make the process easier for you.  Call or email today for expert advice.