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If you are familiar with the foreclosure buying process, you undoubtedly have seen required bank addenda that state, in any number of ways, the following:  “House sold ‘AS IS”, seller will make no repairs!” or “Inspections are ‘For Information Only’ as properties are sold “AS-IS,” or “Seller will most likely reject requests for repairs if Home Inspection Contingency Removal Addendum is provided.”  Of course, all this language is designed to keep the buyer for asking for repairs.  As a result, many agents and buyers accept this language as the gospel truth.  But if there is an issue with the house that you would like repaired, why not ask?

Last year, I helped a family buy a foreclosure in Falls Church.  It was a renovated town home that was in fairly good condition.  After my client’s offer was accepted, we ordered a home inspection.  There were minor things found, but one big one.  The heat pump fan was not working.  So we agreed to remove the home inspection contingency if it was repaired.  The listing agent sent out his repairman to fix it.  When we examined it to confirm the repair, we found that it wasn’t.  I informed the listing agent who again sent someone to take care of it.  We tested it again, and it still was not working!  Finally, I asked that my client and I meet the repairman at the house.  Within a few minutes, the repairman agreed that the heat pump needed a motor, after saying “It was fixed 2 weeks ago, I don’t know what happened”!  Really!

So ask and be persistent!

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