In previous posts, I have discussed why a short sale may be the best option for you and why you want to avoid a foreclosure.   This post focuses on the importance of prices your short sale.

If you’ve listed your home for sale in the past, you’ve already heard this:  It must be  listed at the correct price in today’s market.

That means the agent you choose must have a thorough knowledge of the market in your neighborhood.   He or she must also have the skills to prepare a market analysis based on viewing your home and the homes used for comparison.

Your experienced agent will also know how to position your home within the price parameters that the market analysis suggests – so that offers will come quickly and your short sale can be closed before the bank decides to take action on a foreclosure.

A too-high price will mean fewer showings and no offers. A too-low price will bring offers, but those offers will meet with rejection from the bank.

This is absolutely the wrong time to decide that your brother-in-law in a neighboring town needs the business, so you should list with him. That plan should be reserved for sellers who are in no hurry.

When it comes to price, listen to an experienced local agent – not to your neighbor or to a friend.

But, before you decide that an agent has the experience you need, find out if it’s true. Ask for verification of the number of short sales their team has closed. (NOT listed – closed.) There are some agents out there who simply list everything they can and then hope that someone else will happen to sell them.  I call them the “List it and forget it” agents.

Most of them have little to no experience in negotiating on your behalf in a short sale situation. That’s dangerous, because it could result in you being held liable for a huge deficiency.  Plus, they do very little to market your home – hoping that some other agent will see it in MLS and decide to bring buyers.

Our team has the experience and tenacity you need on your side – so if you’re ready to talk about listing as a short sale, call me today.

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