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This past weekend, Wells Fargo gave away $20,000 to qualified buyers of homes in Washington, DC and Prince Georges County.  As of this date, all the available funds have been reserved. It could be that after 60 days some of the money will be back up for grabs.  Time will tell.

Did you know about this opportunity?  Did your agent tell you?  I have a client who I told about the program.  I found out she was eligible and sent her to the Convention Center about 8:45 am on Friday and ahe left at 3:30 pm.  She was well prepared and received a letter reserving the funds for 60 days.  It wasn’t easy, but with perserverance, she received her letter.  On the other hand, I heard about another agent’s client who said she had to work on Friday and could not attend the event on Saturday because she had to attend a funeral.  Well we all have our priorities I guess!

Would you wait 7 hours to receive $20,000?

Be prepared the next time you hear about such an offer!  If your agent didn’t tell you about this opportunity, perhaps you should interview another agent!